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Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Deals

If you haven't checked out Woot! or, today is your day. I check both of these websites first thing every morning (or midnight, if I'm up that late!). I've recently discovered MidnightBox and haven't ordered anything from them yet but I've been a Woot-er for years now and have ordered lots of things from them. They post a deal on a usually discontinued or refurbished item every night at midnight and you have all day or until they sell out to buy it. Shipping is $5 on every order.

Their product descriptions are hilarious. My husband and I e-mail each other quite often to say, "You have to read the Woot! today!". Anyway, I've bought a Cuisinart ice cream maker, Nike iPod armbands (one cent each!), cordless phones for the whole house, an HP printer...all sorts of great stuff.

There are lots of other great things about Woot! but I'll let you discover them for yourself on the website. I could go on forever. Let me know if you score any great deals!

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