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Friday, May 9, 2008

It’s The Breakfast Club, Baby!

Rookie Moms and the Parent Bloggers Network want to know about my favorite outing during my rookie year of motherhood. If you’d like to participate head on over to the Parent Bloggers Network and check it out for yourself! You could win some great prizes!

My favorite outing during my rookie year would have to be my weekly Breakfast Club. When my son was about five months old my friend Mandy invited a few stay at home moms she knew over for breakfast one morning. The kids played (or in some cases, had tummy time) and the moms talked and laughed. It was supposed to be a one time thing but we had such a great time that we wanted to make it a regular occasion. The next week Carrie hosted and from then on out we all started taking a week to serve breakfast and drinks for the mommies and children.

We’ve been doing it for a year now and we are loving it! Our group has become larger as we’ve all invited new friends to join us. Thanks to this inexpensive weekly outing I’ve met some women that I never would’ve met otherwise. My son has friends of all ages and gets to have playtime every week with 10-15 other children. It’s so good for him to get to play with other children (and their toys!) and of course, a great time for support and laughs for the mommies.

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